“As Christians, we have a moral responsibility to care for Creation.”

“In the face of the failure of global leaders to come to any clear solutions, the role of the Christian community becomes even more urgent.”

Deforestation and Pollution

Christians need to be good stewards of the environment, caring for God’s Creation, fighting against litter, pollution and deforestation. We need to be those who plant trees, advocate alternative energy sources, encourage wise consumption patterns, reuse, recycle and renew.

Clean and Renewable Energy Sources

The dependence on fossil fuels for the world’s energy needs has too many negative side effects, particularly in pollution. We need to advocate alternatives such as solar power, hydroelectric power, wind generators, and other clean, sustainable sources for our energy needs.

A Crime against the Creator

Cruelty to animals, pollution, deforestation and the destruction of the environment are a crime against our Creator.

Stewardship of Creation

We need to teach our congregations to be stewards of God’s Creation, as those who must give an account of our actions before His Throne on the Day of Judgment.

Dr. Peter Hammond, reporting on presentations and discussions at the Cape Town 2010 Congress on World Evangelisation.

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