Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much for your very kind and encouraging letter in response to my article Animals in the Bible on our Frontline Mission website.

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I have always been an animal lover and was brought up amongst wildlife in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Our family has rescued numerous cats and other animals.

When Chinese oil tankers polluted our shores with oil in 1994 and 2000, we closed our Mission doors and shipped all the staff over to rescue, clean and feed penguins.

Our Mission base in Sudan developed into an animal sanctuary and we rescued numerous monkeys, antelope, a baboon and numerous wildlife.

I have designed numerous PowerPoint presentations which I have presented at schools throughout Africa and also in Europe and the United States, to promote love for animals and care and diligence in conserving God’s Creation.

We are not promoting vegetarianism, as much as opposing cruelty to animals. However the first secretary of Frontline Fellowship was a dedicated vegetarian and also heavily involved in the Animal Rights Movement. I have been a life-long member of Beauty Without Cruelty, the South African Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, and Animal Welfare Society.

We do live in a fallen world. There was no death, killing or eating of meat before the Fall of man into sin. Scripturally man was not even allowed to eat meat until after the Flood.

However, in this Fallen world we do have carnivores and herbivores. While initially neither dinosaurs, nor lions ate meat, since the Fall all of Creation has degenerated, as a result of man’s sin.

Therefore we do not blame carnivores such as lions and leopards for eating meat, nor would we forbid humans to regretfully, for survival, eat meat.

However, this was not part of God’s original Creation ordinance and will not be so upon the Lord’s Return and establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

Yours for all God’s Creatures

Dr. Peter Hammond


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